Salesforce Summer '19 Release

The Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes have been live since May 29, 2019, and the system was officially refreshed for all users by June 14, 2019.

There are many exciting updates to Salesforce features and functionality across its vast ecosystem. Are you ready to learn all about what’s new with Platform Services, Lightning Platform, and Lightning Experience?

Let’s dive in and discover together!

Platform Services

Shield – Case-Insensitive Filter-Preserving Encryption

As of the release, now users will receive more accurate search results from encrypted data with case-insensitive, exact-match filters.

Big Objects – Setup Enhancements

Users can now biuld historical data-driven applications with Lightning.

Get ready to configure big objects in setup with new fields and an upgraded index that enables complex query parameters!

Apex Triggers on Change Data Capture Events

As of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, users are able to reduce transaction times and limit constraints in triggers.

Now, you can move your heavy-weight processing and non-transactional logic to asynchronous processing in change event triggers.

Einstein Prediction Builder Enhancements

This enhancements allows users to catch data issues early on.

You can use Data Checker to see if you have enough records in your dataset or values for a particular field to build a useful prediction in Einstein Prediction Builder.

Platform Events – Post-Commit Publishing

Users have the ability to select the publishing behavior of platform events when they define or modify a platform event.

They can do this by using the After Commit option to publish event messages after a transaction completes.

Discover how to start taking advantage of Salesforce Summer ’19’s many exciting enhancements when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module yourself. Start it via the link at the bottom of this post.

Salesforce Summer '19 Release

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Lightning Platform

Lightning Web Components – Container Expansion

As of the release, users now have the ability to implement Lighting Web Components and the latest web standards into more places than EVER before, Salesforce promises!

This includes Visualforce, Lighting Out, email integrations, and stand-alone apps.

Lightning Flow – Apex Building Blocks with Types

With the Salesforce Summer’ 19 Release, Trailhead tells us that you can now turn Apex and external data into reusable, customizable components for app development.


By utilizing point-and-click tools like Flow and Strategy Builder!

Scratch Org Version Selection

This new enhancement simply allows users to select either the current Salesforce version or preview an upcoming release when they create a scratch org.

Unlocked Packaging Enhancements

With this enhancements, users can more easily customize how they install and upgrade unlocked packages and modify and debug namespaced unlocked packages.

Lightning Components – Continuations

This enhancement enables users to “bridge the gap between external web services and back-end processes.”

Salseforce promises that with Continuations, builders can now make long-running callouts to web services directly from tools like Lightning Web Components and Aura.

Pretty amazing, right?

Salesforce Summer '19 ReleaseLightning Experience

Configuration Converter

Though Lightning Experience doesn’t necessarily come with the depth of enhancements as Lightning Platform or Platform Services, the updates are still essential to cover and use.

In this unit, Trailhead covers key learning objectives around explaining usage information and recommendations, how to get a single, data-dense view of your records, and how to format related lists.

With Configuration Converter, users can keep their Visualforce Pages pristine as they transition to Lightning Experience.

This helps users prioritize their work with usage information and get next-step recommendations.

Record Page – Full View

This enhancement with the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release lets users get a single, data-dense view of their records, which includes details, related list hovers, full 10-column tables, and even custom lists and activity timelines.

This all helps to create greater context, Salesforce says.

Related List Enhancements

This is a simple and effective enhancement that enables users to see, sort, and resize columns.

Now, users can wrap text or take mass actions from a related list with the update.

Related List Filters

Related List Filters let users add filters to any field or related list to easily find additional, relevant data – another simple, but highly effective update with this recent release from Salesforce.

In-App Guidance

In-App Guidance supports Admins who aim to get their users up and running with Lightning Experience.

In-App Guidance helps you create custom in-app prompts, introduce new features to users, and view stats on how they interacted with these prompts.

This enables admins to become more effective with their teaching processes in the future.

(Salesforce, 2019)


We hope you enjoy discovering how these enhancements help you become more effective as of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release.

This overview from Ledgeview highlights lessons directly from Salesforce Trailhead (attributed throughout). You can start your path to learning what’s new in the Summer ’19 Release here.


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