The Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes have been live since May 29, 2019, and the system was officially refreshed for all users by June 14, 2019.

With any release, there are many exciting feature and functionality updates, but there is also a period of time where your users may struggle to adopt enhancements. That’s okay, and normal! The best weapon against lagging user adoption is information, insight, and awareness.

Here are some updates to Sales and Service Cloud that users and admins should be aware of with the Summer ’19 Release.

Sales Cloud

High Velocity Sales Enhancements

Salesforce excites over updates to Sales in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release. This new functionality makes your sales process easier by linking Sales Cadences together.

Pardot – Einstein Campaign Insights

Improvements to Pardot enable users to analyze behavior, make sense of data, and see similarities prospects share with Einstein AI more effectively.

CDP – Einstein Pricing Guidance

This functionality lets users view historical data.

It helps pricing teams set rules and guidance for sales to follow, which allows sales to more effectively price deals and close them sooner, with more confidence than before.

Einstein Activity Metrics

This functionality allows you to see all of your customer activity in one place and give your sales team a personalized view of each customer’s calls, emails, and meetings.

It is a comprehensive view of your customers that sales teams across industries will love.

Customizable Product Schedules

This feature lets you tailor product schedules to meet your unique goals as a business.

You can use it to track revenue and delivery cycles, and use custom fields, validation rules, and triggers for subscriptions and consumption-based selling.

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Salesforce Summer '19 Release

Download the PDF Version of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes

Service Cloud

Field Service Lightning – Dispatcher Console Enhancements

As of the summer release, users can now schedule and dispatch jobs right on the map, and view long-cycle jobs by month directly on their Gantt Chart.

(Definition of “Gantt Chart”: a chart where horizontal lines show the amount of work done or production completed over a certain period of time in relation to the amount planned for those timeframes.)

Macro Enhancements

Macro Enhancements with Service Cloud help you boost employee productivity through the automation of recurring, time-consuming tasks.

As of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, you can now add expressions into the builder, specify steps and timing, and streamline macros.

Digital Engagement – Agent-Initiated Messaging

This is a functionality that will excite cross-departmentally, among your users that are part of sales, customer service, and marketing.

This allows you to connect with your customers via SMS. Now, you can resolve problems super-fast by setting up automatic replies that are routed to the same agent with every case occurrence!

Einstein Bots Enhancement

With the summer release, Salesforce promises improved service with AI-powered chatbots. Dynamic routing allows customers to connect with the right agent at the right time.

Even better, you can track conversations or transfer customers that may require more specialized customer service with this enhancement.

(Salesforce, 2019)


  • “Summer ’19 Release Highlights.” Unit | Salesforce Trailhead,, 29 May 2019,

We hope you enjoy discovering new ways to succeed with Sales and Service Cloud as of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release via this high-level overview.

This overview from Ledgeview highlights lessons directly from Salesforce Trailhead (attributed throughout). You can start your path to learning what’s new in the Summer ’19 Release here.


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