What's New in the Salesforce Summer '19 Release

Are you ready to learn about what’s new with Success Cloud and more in the upcoming Salesforce release?

The Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Notes have been live since May 29, 2019, and the system was officially refreshed for all users by June 14, 2019.

There are many exciting new updates to several different aspects of the Salesforce ecosystem with the release! Here are some exciting enhancements to Financial Services, Success Cloud, and Health Cloud you should know about as you advance into 2019 as a team.

Financial Services

Insurance Innovation for Financial Services Cloud

Salesforce says this enhancement helps policyholders and their families protect what they care about.

“The new insurance data model, console app, and other out-of-the-box functionality unlocks a complete view of your KPIs and your policyholders’ information.”

Lightning Scheduler – Inbound Scheduling

This enhancement “saves employees time by using CRM data to streamline and personalize the customer scheduling process in portals, website and apps.”

Utilizing pre-built flows and the self-service scheduling interface, customers can book appointments themselves.

This helps add to the convenience, ease of use, and personalization of the product, helping to keep your team and customers happy in the short and long-term.

Salesforce Summer '19 Release EnhancementsLightning Flows for Financial Services Cloud

This enhancements helps increase ease of use on the daily for customers service reps and agents!

Easily manage everyday support requests, such as change of address, across the banking and insurance industries, and connect customizable templates to back-end systems to easily integrate essential data.

Life Events

This enhancement helps users create more personal, need-based customer engagements across Salesforce cloud models by capturing important life events like having a baby, job changes, or home purchases.

Einstein Analytics for Financial Services Enhancement

Salesforce excites that, “the complete intelligence platform for financial services now extends into retail banking.”

Awesome, right?

Now, users get AI-powered insights and analytics right where they’re working. You can analyze customer deposits, referrals and activities, and even make important predictions.

Action Plan Enhancements

With this enhancement, users are able to deliver consistent and compliant customer engagements in more processes, such as with onboarding financial accounts, now supported by additional standard and custom objects.

Discover how to start taking advantage of Salesforce Summer ’19’s many exciting enhancements when you complete the Salesforce Trailhead module yourself. Start it via the link at the bottom of this post.

Salesforce Summer '19 Release

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Health Cloud

Life Sciences Program Management

This enhancement is poised to help users improve patient outcomes by allowing users to easily manage and enroll them to drive maximum impact for care programs.

ANSI 278 Authorization Business APIs

As of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release, this enhancement lets users create a more connected authorization process for payers and providers in compliance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 278 transaction data via APIs.

Users can electronically send prior authorizations and referrals while staying up-to-date on the status of each request within their system.

Lightning Scheduler – Inbound Scheduling

This enhancement helps users empower their health consumers to schedule their own non-medical appointments, such as for health education or wellness coaching, with the right professionals.


By using pre-built flows and an intuitive user interface, self-service scheduling is made easy in Salesforce portals, websites, and apps.

Success Cloud

Help Portal Enhancements

The last unit in the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release Highlights Module covers Success Cloud. We first learn all about Help Portal Enhancements, which, as of the release, help users get critical answers when they need them.


Now, the Salesforce help portal features an upgraded live chat UI (user interface), improved case management and scheduling, and a smarter help bot, called Ask Blaze.

Discover what's new in the Salesforce Summer '19 ReleaseNew and Refreshed Accelerators

This enhancement lets users schedule personal coaching sessions with credible Salesforce specialists through the Accelerator Program (with new Accelerators for Service Cloud, Pardot, and Marketing Cloud as of the summer release).

Sales Cloud Jump Start

This Jump Start program for Sales Cloud helps users get up and running quickly.


Implementation experts can set up and customize environments in just 10 days or less!

Pardot Jump Start

Pardot Jump Start follows the same functionality as Sales Cloud, with the exceptions of it applying to Pardot and being up and running in just two weeks or less, compared to 10 days.

Proactive Monitoring – New Alerts

As of the summer release, this important enhancement helps provide comprehensive protection to users’ most critical business processes in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Marketing Cloud Digital Services

Last, but not least, this enhancement helps users achieve their goals faster with new expert services for Marketing Cloud!

(Can we get three cheers for that?)

Now, users can work with Salesforce Marketing Experts to discover key features and capabilities that enable business efficiencies and drive results for organizations across industries.

(Salesforce, 2019)


As you now know, Success Cloud updates are just one of the exciting components of the upcoming release!

We hope you enjoy discovering new ways to succeed with these enhancements as of the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release through the highlights in this post.

This overview from Ledgeview highlights lessons directly from Salesforce Trailhead (attributed throughout). You can start your path to learning what’s new in the Summer ’19 Release here.


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