Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

Today we’re on week two of the Salesforce Summer 2020 Release, highlighting what users can look forward to. There are plenty of enhancements and updates that all types of Salesforce users will benefit from.

In part two of this blog series, we will recap key findings from the Salesforce Trailhead module, “Summer ’20 Release Highlights.” Learn all about what’s new with:

  • Marketing
  • Commerce and Communities
  • and Apps, Platform, and Integration


Marketing Cloud is a product offered by Salesforce, used for delivering relevant, personalized journeys to your target audiences across the right channels and devices.

In the summer release, users can look forward to:

  • An evolved inbox experience, starting with the Email Form block
  • Processing granular, raw, and nonaggregated marketing data for use within Datorama
  • And using B2B Marketing Analytics plus to gain access to a complete
    Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

    Image Credit: Salesforce Trailhead, Featuring Content Builder – Interactive Email

    analytics platform built right into CRM

Content Builder – Interactive Email

Now, marketers can use in-email forms using five different email templates. Subscribers will benefit from this as well. Now, they can complete a form without even having to leave their inbox. Data collected from these forms can drive actions and personalized Marketing, Sales, and Service.

Datorama Data Lake

  • As described in the learning unit objectives, Datorama Data Lake is “a new, comprehensive solution for processing granular, raw, and nonaggregated marketing data for use within Datorama.”
  • This means that marketers can extract and store raw data at a scale, making for seamless insights, visualization, analyzation, and more, of data in Datorama.

Pardot: B2B Marketing Analytic Plus

  • This tool helps you understand the “what, why, and what about the future” parts of your marketing campaigns in connection to CRM. Marketers now have access to a complete analytics platform built right into CRM. With B2B Marketing Analytic Plus, Salesforce says marketers can look forward to a “connected, intelligent, and enterprise-ready experience.”

Commerce and Communities

In the Salesforce Summer 2020 Release, Commerce and Communities come packed with new resources and best practices, tools for empowering teams, tips for storefront managers to run sites easier and faster, insights into how to target different content with different users, and much more.

B2C – Headless Commerce Developer Toolkit

  • Salesforce advises that “efficiency is key when building headless applications,” which is why Commerce Cloud launched “a new developer experience that
    Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

    Image Credit: Salesforce Trailhead, Featuring B2C – Headless Commerce Developer Toolkit

    offers new resources, best practices, and a community to enhance productivity and shorten project timelines,” making the user more efficient and keeping customers happy.

B2C – Page Designer Enhancements

  • This low-code tool was designed to “empower business teams to dynamically create and manage their e-commerce sites in a fast and visual way.”

B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience

  • This deployment makes it “easier and faster for storefront managers to run their sites, and connect even more to Salesforce.”

Audience Targeting Enhancements

  • This is now available for components built in Salesforce CMS and Navigation Menus, accomodating for more personalization.

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

  • With the release, you can now import content from any source into Salesforce CMS, in bulk, or to create content faster. This tool also comes equipped with three out-of-the-box content types: News Articles, Images, and Documents.

Apps, Platform, and Integration

Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

Image Credit: Salesforce Trailhead, Featuring Threat Detection in Event Monitoring

Updates to Apps, Platform, and Integration in the Salesforce Summer 2020 Release give users clearer visibility into threat events using machine learning algorithms, behind-the-scenes automation, enhanced customer lifecycles, and more.

Shield – Event Monitoring Threat Detection

  • This gives users clear visibility into threat events that Salesforce detects, using machine learning algorithms.

Lightning Experience on the Safari Browser for iPad

  • Now, Salesforces says you can do more on the go! Enjoy the Lightning Experience on your iPad Safari browser in the Salesforce Summer 2020 Release.

Lightning Flow – Trigger on Record Changes and Events

  • Salesforce has coined this tool as your one-stop-shop for behind-the-scenes automation as of the summer 2020 release.

Salesforce Surveys – Customer Lifecycle Designer

  • Now, you can “easily design and embed feedback loops across the customer lifecycle.” It is a cross-cloud, cross-industry capability for Customer Lifecycle Management.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud Enhancements

  • This provides new APIs, Integration templates, and common services for logging, notifications, and scheduling.

There are many Salesforce 2020 Release Dates you should keep in mind as you move forward. Add these to your calendars.

Summer ’20 Release Timeline:

  • May 4th – Release notes were published
  • May 29th – Sandbox refresh deadline/cutoff date, to ensure your sandbox gets early access to Summer ’20 features.
  • June 12th & July 10th – Some early access instances of Salesforce will get the Summer ’20 release.
  • July 17th-18th – Most Salesforce environments will get the release over this weekend.

Learn more about what’s new in the Salesforce Summer 2020 release when you come back next week for Part 3. Salesforce Trailhead is the go-to learning center for all things Salesforce, whether you want to learn more about what’s new in the summer release or have another topic you want to explore.

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