Salesforce Summer 2020

In the final part of our Salesforce Trailhead Summer 2020 Recap series, we are highlighting what’s new with:

  • Industry Clouds
  • Sustainability Cloud
  • Essentials and Employee Experience
  • Einstein Analytics
  • And Success Cloud and Enablement

Industry Clouds,, and Sustainability Cloud

There are many exciting updates to Salesforce industry clouds. These brief recaps just touch the surface. As always, we encourage you to complete the Salesforce Trailhead unit yourself to fully absorb the material and take a deep dive.

Financial Services Cloud – Actionable Relationship Center

  • This update helps you “visualize customers and their relationships with related businesses, people, and financial accounts in one place.” Gain holistic views of each customer and their relationships, and much more.

Health Cloud – Sales Visit and Inventory Management

  • This update “empowers sales teams with new visit and inventory planning tools to ensure they have the right products and resources at every visit.” Reps
    Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

    Image Credit: Salesforce Trailhead, Featuring Account Manager Targets, Manufacturing Cloud

    can create and manage sales visits while gaining a closer look at product gaps with order and inventory insights.

Manufacturing Cloud – Account Manager Targets

  • This helps you “create targets for your organization to meet performance goals based on revenue or custom metrics.”

Consumer Goods Cloud – Visit Planning Enhancements

  • This update does exactly what it sounds like – users can take advantage of Visit Planning Enhancements to improve the visit planning process with embeddable maps and filters on various store information within maps. It comes with an enhanced task framework designed to help you meet your unique needs. – Accounting Subledger

  • This “prepares your fundraising information for your accounting system,” saving your financing and fundraising departments “significant time and budget.” – Volunteering for Philanthropy Cloud on iOS

  • You read it right – Volunteering for Philanthropy Cloud is now supported on iOS devices! You can donate to your favorite causes, sign up to volunteer, and sync your volunteer events with your mobile calendar using the app.

Einstein Analytics for Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

  • This helps you “get deeper insights into your organization’s carbon footprint data with three new detailed Einstein Analytics dashboards.”
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Essentials and Employee Experience

This unit of Salesforce Trailhead covers how to:

  • “Bring customer data into Essentials faster
  • Find the latest hands-on workshops and resources to help you get the most out of Essentials
  • Access Quip template metrics in Salesforce.”

Data Import Wizard Enhancements

  • Enhanced Data Import brings all of your customer data into Essentials faster, helping you to become a more efficient and smarter salesperson. “Upload information you’ve stored in spreadsheets using the guided step-by-step walkthrough.”

In-App Help Enhancements

  • These enhancements help you to get the most out of Essentials. In-App Help now provides “the latest hands-on workshops and resources.”

Quip – Template Usage Reporting

  • Now, you can access Quip template metrics in Salesforce as of the Summer 2020 Release. “Track usage for specific templates and processes in Quip, and view metrics alongside other Sales and Service data.”

Einstein Analytics

Salesforce Summer 2020 Release

Image Credit: Salesforce Trailhead, Featuring Einstein Discovery – Tree-Based Models

There are a few enhancements to Einstein Analytics in the Salesforce Summer 2020 Release.

Data Prep Enhancements

  • Now, you can “create datasets with the new, approachable editor, powered by machine learning.”

Einstein Discovery – Tree-Based Models

  • This expands modeling capabilities past linear models, to two new tree-based model types.

Direct Data for Snowflake

  • Now, you can “explore third=party data from Snowflake directly in real-time.” Salesforce says users can now gain “live insights in dashboards without the need to sync data to and prep data for Einstein Analytics.”

Success Cloud and Enablement

There are many important updates to Success Cloud and Enablement that delegate technical work to Salesforce and help you improve your skills while your organization and individuals become more efficient as a result.

Find exciting enhancements to:

  • Community Cloud Jump Start
  • Technical Account Manager for Government Cloud
  • Trailhead Go Enhancements
  • AWS Cloud Practitioner Trail
  • And In-App Walkthroughs
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As a reminder, there are many Salesforce 2020 Release Dates you should keep in mind as we move further into the month of July. Be sure to add these dates to your calendar alerts.

Summer ’20 Release Timeline:

  • May 4th – Release notes were published
  • May 29th – Sandbox refresh deadline/cutoff date, to ensure your sandbox gets early access to Summer ’20 features.
  • June 12th & July 10th – Some early access instances of Salesforce will get the Summer ’20 release.
  • July 17th-18th – Most Salesforce environments will get the release over this weekend.

Review Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series to catch up on what you may have missed so far.

Salesforce Trailhead is the go-to learning center for all things Salesforce, whether you want to learn more about what’s new in the summer release or have another topic you want to explore.

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