There’s a lot to be excited about, about Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release!

As a reminder, Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release will be globally available to all users on February 17, 2020. Salesforce is giving customers a chance to preview the upcoming release with a hands-on look at the latest features. Click To Tweet

In this post, we’ll recap what’s upcoming with Industries and Sustainability Cloud and Essentials.

Industries and Sustainability Cloud

healthcareDistributor Performance Management for Insurance

  • Are you ready to empower insurance carriers to “align goals with distributors using prebuilt reports and dashboards to track distribution channel performance?” That’s what’s coming! Get ready to make the most of this feature early in 2020 with Salesforce.

Care Plan Enhancements in Health Cloud

  • If you are a part of the healthcare sector and have been looking for a reason to dive into Health Cloud in 2020, this may be your reason! Care Plan Enhancements will empower users to “create and update patient and member care plans faster and more efficiently with an all-new care plan design.”
    • This means more Flexible Templates, which will help users create the following in any order to support their workflows…
      • Problems
      • Goals
      • and Tasks

Account-Based Forecasting Enhancements in Manufacturing Cloud

  • This is another exciting enhancement to an industry-tailored cloud solution from Salesforce. This enhancement will let users “create and develop advanced custom metrics, like seasonal patterns or account-specific KPIs, to ensure (that forecasts) accurately reflect (their) business.”

Einstein Analytics for Consumer Goods 

  • This tool helps sales managers…
    • Increase sales
    • Improve store compliance
    • Identify stores at risk
    • and Support sales reps

Salesforce Sustainability Cloud

  • Sustainability Cloud allows users to calculate, analyze, and report on their company’s “corporate greenhouse gas emissions inventory with an app built on the Salesforce Lightning Platform.”
  • The tool is built for…
    • Sustainability managers
    • Company executives
    • and Third-party auditors

Two beautiful women working. Friends in a city. lady with a notebookEssentials

There are a few major updates to Essentials with the spring '20 release. Here are the ones you should know about, according to Salesforce Trailhead. Click To Tweet

Case Merge

  • This allows users to “merge duplicate cases like you merge duplicate accounts and cases with Case Merge.” Now, Salesforce says, “you can consolidate up to three duplicate cases,” which eliminates clutter and helps you focus on what matters most – your customers!

Email-to-Case Enhancements

  • Now, you can “turn emails into support cases automatically with Email-to-Case for Google accounts.” It can be done with one easy setup flow, which means solving customer concerns becomes more efficient and qualitative!

New Salesforce Mobile App Automatic Upgrade

  • This is a very exciting enhancement that comes with the spring ’20 release! We are a more mobile work environment than ever before, so it’s no surprise there was a focus on updating this in the spring ’20 release.
  • Salesforce says you will now be able to…
    • Automatically upgrade to increase on-the-go productiivty
    • Have an improved experience that reflects your personal navigation in Essentials
    • Prioritize the information you use most
    • Log notes and set tasks with Einstein Voice Assistant

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Download Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release Notes here.

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