What’s New with LinkedIn Sales Navigator as of the 4th Quarter 2018 Product Release

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In 2018, there were many notable happenings with LinkedIn. Many benefits that already existed within the platform were enhanced with time.

Here are just a few articles on various features of LinkedIn worth recapping with Ledgeview before we dive into what’s new in early 2019, specifically with LinkedIn Sales Navigator …

Some major highlights worth reflecting on as you’re evaluating your 2019 digital strategies include a wide variety, covered in this insightful read from Adweek’s Social Pro Daily, David Cohen.

According to Adweek, LinkedIn unveiled four major features during its fourth quarter 2018 product release that are now available to all users.

Adweek reports that LinkedIn Sales Navigator can now issue these alerts as of the update:

  • Someone at a saved account viewed your profile
  • A saved account has just raised funding
  • A saved lead has engaged with LinkedIn posts from your company

Before the update, LinkedIn Sales Navigator provided only these alerts, which are now lumped with the aforementioned:

  • A saved lead started a new position at a new company
  • A saved lead has a new position within the same company
  • A saved lead viewed your profile
  • A potential lead recently joined a saved account
  • A saved lead has accepted your connection request
  • A saved lead was mentioned in the news

In addition, Adweek reports that you’re now able to create unlimited lists in the desktop and mobile versions of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Users can filter these lists based on groups of people who have had job changes, promotions, etc. The possibilities are vast.

Next, Adweek reports that a new “Reports To” field was added to the lead page of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

This field gives users a clear visualization into company management chains.

Adweek also reports that the administration experience was completely redesigned in the fourth quarter 2018 product release.

With the release, admins can now access all of the same search features on a desktop computer and, now, the mobile app.

LinkedIn Sales NavigatorFor CRM users, the release is especially exciting. Now, companies using PointDrive to share sales materials and track account engagements can do so with Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Adweek says Salesforce will follow suit in 2019.

Under LinkedIn’s partner roster, Zoom, a web conferencing tool, will allow users to hover over the name of anyone in a list of people they have on a Zoom call and see their Sales Navigator information.

This functionality will provide sellers with the tools they need to become smarter and faster with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Last, Adweek reports that LinkedIn Sales Navigator is “tightly integrating” with Salesforce’s Winter Lightning Release to allow admins to be able to configure the system without having to go to AppExchange or through getting additional support.

In addition to this major update, LinkedIn Sales Navigator now has demand orchestration software-as-a-service platform integration directly integrated into LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

This feature will let B2B marketers really take off with their strategies moving forward.

What’s next for LinkedIn? Forbes says it may be “poised to be the next big social network for brands”, and for good reasons.

LinkedIn has proven to be a leader when it comes to technical collaborations, social integrations, dynamic advertising, complementing the customer journey, helping to boost brand appeal, and much more.

2019 and 2020 are bound to be even more exciting for the platform and its users.

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