Spring 2020 Release

There are many exciting updates to the Salesforce Spring 2020 Release.

In this recap, we’ll cover what’s new with Marketing, Commerce and Communities, and Apps, Platform, Employee Experience, and Integration.

As a reminder, Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release will be globally available to all users on February 17, 2020

Salesforce is giving customers a chance to preview the upcoming release with a hands-on look at the latest features.

Here’s what you can expect to see with the aforementioned segments of the customer-beloved CRM platform.


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Audience Studio: Identity

  • In the spring ’20 release, users will be able to use Audience Studio: Identity to:
    • “Drive better email campaign outcomes and onboard offline data, like email into Audience Studio,” which gives users the opportunity to “create audiences that look like (their) best customers.”
    • “Increase reach for existing Audience Studio Marketing Cloud integrations by an average of 20% and up to 50%.”

Distributed Marketing: Quick Send from Case

  • Salesforce says, “users outside of corporate marketing can now quickly send messages to a…”
    • Primary Contact
    • Lead
    • or Person account from a case record within their standard…
      • Sales
      • Service
      • or Community Cloud instance

Pardot: Snippets Enhancements

  • In the spring ’20 release, Salesforce says users “can now use snippets across any Pardot asset or business unit regardless of campaign.” This means, they can use snippets in…
    • Marketing content
    • Logos
    • Copyright dates
    • Company slogans
    • Legal disclaimers
    • and other compliance-related content

Commerce and Communities

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B2C: Salesforce Order Management

  • In the spring ’20 release, Salesforce is excited to announce that they’ve “brought together Commerce and Service Cloud into a single, unified seamless platform where you can capture order history, case history, and other key customer data.”

There is ample excitement and potential about this unification that should make the user experience that much more seamless in Spring 2020.

B2C Commerce: Reports for Einstein Recommendations

  • In the spring ’20 release, Salesforce says “new analytics and reporting capabilities for Einstein are now available via easy-to-ready reports and dashboards.”
    • This provides visibility for users into…
      • Performance metrics and trends
      • Merchandisers
      • Marketers
      • and eCommerce teams
  • Salesforce encourages this update will empower them with “the actionable information they need to make smarter, more informed decisions to optimize Einstein and measure success.”

Salesforce CMS Enhancements

  • Are you ready to create even more dynamic content in 2020? Salesforce is setting up users for success with enhancements to Salesforce CMS. Now, you can create content in the Salesforce CMS and surface it throughout…
    • Community Cloud
    • B2B Commerce
    • B2C Commerce
    • Heroku
    • Marketing Cloud
    • and More!

Channel Menu

  • The channel menu “provides customers with easy access to multiple support channels.” This means they can pick their preferred channel from “one easy-to-find location without having to search for your organization’s ‘Contact Us’ page.”

Apps, Platform, Employee Experience, and Integration

There are many enhancements to these exciting parts of Salesforce in the spring ’20 release. Key updates you should keep top of mind include…

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Salesforce CMS Enhancements

  • These enhancements reflect those mentioned above exactly (under Commerce and Communities)!

Salesforce Data Mask

  • Salesforce Data Mask allows user to “anonymize or delete personally identifiable information in sandboxes.” It is designed to “protect confidentiality and (help users) maintain regulatory compliance.”

Lightning Scheduler: Unauthenticated Scheduling

  • As of the spring ’20 release, Salesforce says “you can now embed Lightning Scheduler in any website and ask visitors to authenticate as a user, or just set up a meeting without authenticating.”

Lightning Web Components: Local Development

  • With the spring ’20 release, Salesforce says you can “accelerate Lightning Web Components development with the ability to render components on your local machine.” Build and test new components with ease, and see changes without having to push them to your org.

In-App Guidance for Lightning App Builder

  • Admins, rejoice! In the spring ’20 release, you are equipped with “in-app guidance for Lightning App builder to make better decisions when customizing and deploying Salesforce.”
  • Salesforce says, “a guardrail is easy to interpret, visible when a change is made, and actionable where the admin encounters it.”

Heroku Shield: Support for Apache Kafka on Heroku

  • Get ready, admins! This enhancement will allow you to “build real-time apps more easily than ever using PHI, PII, and HIPAA-compliant data.” Even better, in a “secure, trusted, and fully managed environment.”

Quip: Admin Console Enhancements

  • This update will help you…
    • “Get a better view of user metrics in the Admin Console with dashboards and statistics about Quip for Salesforce integrations.”

Reusable and Secure Configurations

  • Finally, you will be able to “collaborate with others and build integrations faster” in the spring ’20 release with this enhancement by “securely sharing and reusing system configurations.”

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Download Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release Notes here.

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