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Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release will be globally available to all users on February 17, 2020

Salesforce is giving customers a chance to preview the upcoming release with a hands-on look at the latest features.

Here are some exciting things to look forward to with Sales and Service Clouds in the upcoming release.

Service Cloud

Einstein Article Recommendations

  • In the upcoming release, Einstein will be able to “recommend the best knowledge articles to agents based on case data with an intelligent natural language processing engine across SMS, chat, and other channels.”

Channel Menu

  • With the Spring ’20 release, Channel Menu will “provide customers with easy access to multiple support channels.”
    • This will allow them to select their “preferred channel from one easy-to-find location” without having to navigate to a “Contact Us” page.

Field Service Lightning: Global Actions

  • Global Actions in Field Service Lightning helps you “create records that don’t have a direct relationship to records that are in use.”
    • Salesforce says this “gives your workers more power functionality directly from the app” in the Spring 2020 release and helps your team work much more efficienctly.

Sales Cloud

Task-Queue Assignment

  • Salesforce says, “for sales orgs where reps work through to-do items as a team, task-queue assignment makes the process easier.” It allows you to:
    • “Assign a task to any queue” and
    • “Have a member from that queue take ownership.”

Streamline your sales organization’s workflows with this update to Sales Cloud in the Spring 2020 release.

High Velocity Sales Enhancements

  • Get ready, users and admins! Salesforce has promised a “more powerful” tool in High Velocity Sales, in the upcoming release. Now, you will be able to:
    • “Automate more complex processes with API availability”
    • “Branch on email engagements” to “bring new logic-based flows to Sales Cadences”
    • and “Speed up prospect outreach automated email sends”

CPQ and Billing: Revenue Recognition Reports

  • With this update, you will now be able to “forecast and recognize revenue through any point in your quote-to-cash lifecycyle.” You will also be able to:
    • “Build reports that display live revenue information from anywhere in Salesforce,” like in…
      • Quotes
      • Orders
      • Invoices
      • and More

Salesforce says this update “makes it easier for sales and finance to align around revenue targets.”

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Download Salesforce’s Spring 2020 Release Notes here.

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