What's Possible with Entitlements with Customer Service in Salesforce

Entitlements allow Customer Service Agents to manage service level agreements (SLAs) with customers, or manage internal happenings.

Officially, Entitlements in Salesforce for Customer Service are a group of Salesforce features that help you enforce service level agreements (SLAs), which are contracts that spell out the level of service you’ve promised to your customers.

Oppositely, with internal happenings, you may see how long it is taking agents to handle customer service cases in Entitlements.

Entitlements enable the ability to start a timer for agents, so they can see how long it’s taking them. It’s not just a tool for Managers or Admins to monitor results, but for Users and Agents to hold themselves accountable.

Entitlements are units of customer support in Salesforce, such as “phone support’ or “web support.” They are typically used to represent terms in service agreements.

You can associate Entitlements with accounts, assets, contacts, and service contracts.

For example, a phone support entitlement can be added to an account.

When a contact from that account calls your service department, support agents can quickly verify that they’re entitled to phone support by using the Entitlement Process, which walks Users through six major steps:

What's Possible with Entitlements with Customer Service in Salesforce1. Create a Milestone
For example, you may create a Case Resolution.

2. Create an Entitlement Process
Implement a standard support process to keep your agents on track and organization following the same workflows with customer service cases.

3. Add the Milestone to the Entitlement Process
This is where you can set a due date for your case resolution, for example, 24 hours.

4. Add Workflow Actions to the Milestone
Common examples of these actions may include emailing the case hour two hours before the milestone’s target due date to be sure they’re on track with case resolution.

5. Apply the Entitlement Process to a Customer’s Entitlement
Commonly, you will add a type of support entitlement (phone, Live Chat, email, etc.) on an account.

6. Create a Case from the Entitlement
Bring the process full circle with case resolution documented in your CRM.

With Entitlements with Customer Service in Salesforce, there is ample ability to create various milestones to move your organization’s customer service processes forward in your CRM environment.

There are also beneficial capabilities for managers to be alerted when Customer Service Agents in Salesforce are not meeting their milestones on time.

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