What's Possible with Customer Service Knowledge in Salesforce

What’s Possible with Customer Service Knowledge in Salesforce

Salesforce Knowledge lets Customer Service Agents and Users create and manage important company information and securely share it when and where it is needed.

With Knowledge in Salesforce, you can create different articles and forms on common issues. This is beneficial to agents and Users so that when issues arise, they can easily track down proven paths to case resolution. 

It also enables Customer Self-Service.

Whatever information you want in the palm of your customers’ hands, it is recommended you keep it in Knowledge in Salesforce. You can actually give your customers different licenses with Knowledge so they can come in and explore the database themselves.

Since information demand is so high and customers often know more about you than you know about them upon first engagement, this will enable their success with your organization and help them resolve issues themselves before they reach out to your agents.

This resource is advantageous and a time-saver.

Ratings can also be given to issue-resolution articles by customers based on the helpfulness of the information provided.

This can help Users and Agents create better help articles in the future by helping them determine where they need to do better to resolve customer issues.

They may learn where they need to be more thorough with their explanations or state how-tos in simpler terminology for the “average” customer.

When cases are submitted, Knowledge Articles can guide customers through their issue before they chat with a Customer Service Agent.

For example, you may have had your own issues while using an online retailer’s website, and, when you open the Live Chat, the service bot redirects you to knowledge-based articles that may answer your questions based on keyword matches, eliminating the need for you to continue a conversation with a Customer Service Agent.

The benefits of using Knowledge with Customer Service in Salesforce are clear.

You can maximize agent productivity with a cloud-based knowledge embedded right into the console where agents can easily find, access and deliver the right information to customers.

Sharing knowledge to any channel or device is only one click away with Knowledge in Salesforce.

Better still, agents can contribute to the knowledge base to ensure that the best answers are always accessible to the whole team.

With Knowledge in Salesforce, you ultimately enable customers to help themselves by extending your knowledge base to your service website, whether through a secure customer (or partner) portal, part of your public website, or integrated into a public customer community.

Knowledge can help to ensure an effortless customer experience since it is accessible via mobile devices as well as desktop.

Finally, Knowledge helps streamline your knowledge management process by applying industry best practices to ensure the accuracy of your articles with the first KCSv5 verified knowledge management and incident management resolution technology.

Learn more about Knowledge in Salesforce when you watch Ledgeview’s on-demand webinar: “What’s Possible with Customer Service in Salesforce.”

What's Possible with Customer Service Knowledge in Salesforce

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