The differences between marketing qualified leads and sales qualified leads can feel a bit blurry, but when you dive into the specifics, they become very clear.

Marketing Qualified Leads indicate those who have raised their hands and identified themselves as being interested in your product or service. They may not necessarily be ready to purchase, however.

Marketing Qualified Leads require patience and discipline. You must accept that some people aren’t ready to buy yet.

This doesn’t mean they should be ignored, though.

Invest in them appropriately at every level. If prospects are ignored, they easily become forgotten.

Generally, Marketing Qualified Leads are someone who is interested in engaging with you, but not ready to buy.

Sales Qualified Leads must consider there are triggers that indicate they are ready to engage with a member of your sales team. These triggers or multiple triggers put these people in your sales funnel.

Once you know your target audience and buyer personas, you will be ready to engage with a Sales Qualified Lead.

Focus on high quality leads to increase conversion rates and create a more efficient sales process.

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