CRM Project Roadmap

To start your CRM project, you will want to first define your CRM project roadmap. How, you ask?

Start small and look at multiple phases.

It’s important to lay out your road map and have it communicated across your organization. Having a clearly defined Phase 2 will help prevent scope creep. This means having a strong project manager to lead the process and hold everyone accountable.

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When you have solid success in Phase 1, you will set yourselves up to get your project done on time and within budget.

You should leave room for revisions as you go, and be flexible as is necessary. It’s bound to happen, but the most proactive thing you can do as a team is to prepare to respond!

Here is a Phased Approach Example that you can learn from and reflect onto your own strategies:

CRM Project Approach

Throughout these project stages, the first step will always include a design stage.

At this point, you need to stay focused on the scope of this phase of the roadmap, and keep it in mind as you navigate in the future to provide flexibility. The point is to limit scope creeping.

Always design with the end-user in mind.

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