Video Marketing

Video marketing is essential in today’s digital world – are you ready to board the video marketing bandwagon?

It is a highly effective part of any solid outbound marketing strategy. It is rapidly gaining popularity as it is commonly used in ad programs, and has become an integral part of many organizations’ marketing plans.

Video can be utilized in your outbound strategy to increase engagements with prospects across the board. At its core, it’s designed to help increase education about your product or service and promote your brand.

This is very similar to the overall goals of outbound marketing in general – you want to educate and engage known prospects with relevant information so they’re more likely to consider you during the decision-making stage of the buyer’s journey.

You can make a huge impact on increasing the conversion rates of your outbound tactics with video marketing. It can provide a deeper level of understanding for your prospects. Viewing activities tells you a lot about them.

With technology as it stands today, you can set up alerts so your sales team is aware of when one prospect has watched a video, and even tell exactly how much of that video has been viewed so sales have a better understanding of how to start a conversation with them.

Many video hosting platforms integrate with top marketing automation technology so all video activity becomes something you can factor into your segmentation efforts.

You can use video to increase engagement with other pieces of content using CTA (calls-to-action) pop-ups in relevant sections of your videos.

So, for example, at Act-On Software, let’s say a marketer is using a customer testimonial video in a nurture program for prospects that are moving from the nurture to convert stage of the buyer’s journey.

In the video, the customer explains how much they love Act-On’s A/B testing feature.

The marketer at Act-On can set up a pop-up CTA that allows the prospect to download an eBook on how to conduct an A/B test while they’re viewing the video. Now, the video has become ANOTHER channel you can use to not just educate them on your product or service, but promote other stimulating content!

The possibilities of video marketing are bountiful, which is why it makes sense for most organizations to board the video marketing bandwagon today.

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