On occasion in Microsoft Dynamics CRM you will be adding new fields to the opportunity form and will know the data that is supposed to populated in the fields.

In our example below we can add a look-up field to a form, and have the contents of the field automatically populate another field on the form. Since we want the data to be shown on a dashboard, we will want to update all the closed opportunities as well.

We can do this by setting up a workflow as on-demand and utilizing the advanced find to isolate the records that I would like to update.

Simple steps to create the workflow:

1. Within Dynamics CRM navigate to Settings->Processes and create a workflow as you normally would. There is nothing different between this and a normal workflow, just one check box.

2. Now that you have the Workflow created locate the check box that reads “As an on-demand process”

Workflow 1

3. Now that you have designed your workflow to be on-demand we need to find the data that we want to alter. To do this we will use the advanced find to isolate the data that we are looking to update. Navigate to your advanced find and in the “Look For:” field select Opportunity as shown below.

Workflow 2

4. From here you can define the filter criteria for the data to be updated.

5. Once you have your data, select the records to be modified by checking them. Then once all the records are selected click Run Workflow in the command bar.

Workflow 3

6. Now that you have selected your data to update, you can select the on-demand workflow to be run and this will automatically update your data regardless of opportunity status.

Workflow 4

Test it

1. Navigate to a closed opportunity that was updated by the workflow we just created and validate that the data defined by the workflow was updated and is correct.

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