UG Summit 2019

User Group Summit – North America 2019 starts next week, and if you’re a last-minute packer, you may be scrambling wondering what you absolutely need to bring, what’s okay to leave at home, and what recommended items are worth stuffing into your suitcase.

Like you, we know that work gets busy, so packing might be the last thing on your to-do list after you’ve prepared your exhibitor or attendee materials in the office.

With this in mind, Ledgeview Partners has created this packing list to help you feel prepared and secure as you board your flights and head to User Group Summit – North America 2019 in Orlando, FL, at Kissimmee Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center.

User Group Summit NA 2019

What You Need to Bring:

Comfortable Shoes: There is no official dress code for the summit, but comfortable shoes are necessary! You’ll be doing a lot of walking around, and want to make sure that aching feet and blisters aren’t holding you back.

Phone Battery Pack and Phone Charger: Bring at least one phone battery pack, or two. This is a digital/social media active event, and you will want to be able to connect with the friends you make, exhibitors you meet, Dynamic Communities, and Microsoft, as you go. Outlets will be scarcely available for general use. Having your own cell phone battery pack will be incredibly useful.

Don’t forget to recharge when you go back to your hotel room in the evenings. Don’t leave your phone charger at home. This is an absolute must on your user group summit packing list!

Every day is full of activities worth documenting. Plus, you will need access to the Dynamic Communities app throughout the event so you have no trouble finding your sessions, peers, Microsoft team members, exhibitors, etc.

Enough Clothing and Hygiene Products: Refresh yourself every day – show up ready to show off your brand, troubleshoot with MVPs, network with your peers or exhibitors, etc.! First impressions are a common occurrence at User Group Summit – NA 2019, and you always want to feel renewed.

Enough Medication: If you have any medications or vitamins you need to take routinely to feel well, remember to bring those too. You don’t want to wind up halfway across the country without this.

Cash or Card: Use your discretion and discuss among your team to make sure you’re covered monetarily while away. Bring any cash or cards you think are necessary, and leave the rest at home. (Keep your receipts if your company needs them to reimburse you for anything as you return.)

Your “Student Hat”: There’s so much to learn at User Group Summit – NA 2019! So, get ready to absorb a ton of insights and knowledge. This is going to be a conference you’ll never want to forget. While there are slim guarantees in life, at User Group Summit – NA 2019, learning is a guarantee (and exception to this rule of life). 😉

What’s Recommended to Bring:

Snacks: Throughout the day, you’ll be very busy walking around networking, attending sessions, meeting exhibitors and Microsoft team members, exploring Florida, and more. Snacks may be hard to come by, and they’re not always directly available at User Group Summit. Putting a few granola bars or almonds snack packs is a good idea to put into your suitcase or purse and have on you throughout the conference.

  • Pro Tip: Make sure your snacks are compatible with your airline’s travel rules and regulations.

Refillable Water Bottle: We highly recommend bringing a water bottle with you that you can refill. Believe it or not, it’s sometimes hard to come across while you’re on the go at the summit.

  • Pro Tip: Make sure your water bottle is compatible with your airline travel rules and regulations. (Don’t bring it full of water while going through airport security.) This is a must for your user group summit packing list. Packing your own water bottle makes things much more convenient!

Laptop and Laptop Charger: We recommend you bring a laptop and charger (and laptop case for protection while traveling) for easy notetaking throughout the summit. You may want or need it in your downtime to catch up on other work-related activities as well! It is better to bring it and have it handy and not end up using it rather than not having it at all.

Notebook or Notepad and Writing Utensil: If you prefer manual notetaking processes, remember to pack a notebook or notepad and pen or pencil (whichever you prefer) to User Group Summit 2019.

Camera: If you prefer to take pictures with a professional camera instead of your phone, feel free to take this along. This may especially be nice to have if you plan to extend your stay and explore Florida for the weekend! Perhaps you and your team are planning a trip to Disney while you’re there. In this case, there will be many exciting photo ops, so feel free to pack it.

Offsite Attire: If you plan to explore the town after summit hours, you may opt to bring different clothing for this. It’s definitely not necessary but it is a nice option if your schedule is flexible, or you can go it in your comfortable shoes, jeans, and t-shirts. This is an inclusive and diverse community. Whatever you wear, wear your best self first!

  • Pro Tip: Talk amongst yourselves (your team) to decide what’s best for this. Plan among you for outings or adventures, and pack clothing accordingly. It may be the same or different than what you wear to summit during the day. It’s completely up to you! Communicating and coordinating with them serves you (and your business) well in all respects.

Hand Sanitizer: It’s not exactly necessary, but strongly recommended. With flu season on the horizon, you can never be too careful! We think it’s better to have it than not. You may also consider bringing sanitizing wipes if you prefer them to hand sanitizer.

Business Cards: Since we live in the digital era, there are many ways to connect with your peers and exhibitors at the summit, but a “classic” business card is nice to have on hand too. Just in case you accidentally mistype information or forget to log a contact down. Business cards serve as good reminders of the people you met and aspire to build professional relationships with as you move forward.

What You Can Leave at Home:

Your Concerns!

Well, you’ll want to remember what you want to bring up while networking with your peers, exhibitors, and the Microsoft Community, but once you do, you’re sure to leave your worries where you came from and return home with a refreshed perspective that will send you soaring to new successes with leading technology like Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Did we miss anything? Contact Julia Flaherty at to have your ideas added to this list.

We are excited to meet you at User Group Summit – NA 2019. Stop by our booth and say hi during exhibition hours. We’re Booth #1521. You can also attend our 3 educational sessions to get to know our experts and learn from them!

Let the countdown begin!

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