With the V9 upgrade, there are some major benefits of moving to Dynamics 365 On-premises sooner rather than later.

Moving with your technology will always benefit your organization’s flow. We help you consider the key benefits of upgrading below.

Key Benefits of Upgrading to Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises

Reduce Org. Impact:

When you make the move to Dynamics 365 (D365) V9 On-premises, there is low to no infrastructure maintenance necessary. This includes servers, database backups, security, etc. In addition, by making this move, it will be easier to stay up to date with future releases.

In the future, Microsoft intends to keep upgrades to “low impact”, which means they’ll be less painful than in the past. Overhead may also be lower.

Maximize Feature Utilization:

When you make this move, you will have access to all features and product advancements. If you are using CRM On-premises now, and don’t make the move, you will not have access to the functionality being released.

While Microsoft is focusing on driving organizations online with upgrades occurring twice per year in April and Oct., On-premises users will still be supported and be able to upgrade once per year in Oct. with new enhancements.

Stay Ahead:

Keeping updated with upgrades is pertinent to staying ahead of the curve. Timing is EVERYTHING!

An Upgrade Diagnostic will help you to understand when the time is right for your team and organization to upgrade. The decision to upgrade and when will depend on the results of the Upgrade Diagnostic.

Ledgeview’s experts will help you consider your whole process through a thorough business analyzation before you make the transition to ensure a successful outcome.

Make Transitions Easier:

While you may not be ready to move online yet, D365 V9 On-premises is a good option for CRM On-premises users who want to make the change gradually or at least begin to see its potential. The more you keep up, the easier it is to evolve with upgraded technology.

We recommend reaching out sooner rather than later.

Improve User Adoption:

If you don’t invest in CRM as an organization, how can you expect your employees to? When you keep up with upgrades, you engage your users easier and keep them feeling invigorated. Showing this sort of movement will help you show that your company is changing with the times, and improving over time.


Dynamics 365/CRM

Key Considerations for Upgrading to Dynamics 365 V9 On-premises

  • Cleaner Traditional User Interface

  • New Unified User Interface (UUI)

  • New Mobile App

  • Improved Dynamics 365 for Outlook App

  • New Features


6 easy steps to determine what version of Dynamics you are currently using:

  1. Navigate to the Office 365 Admin Portal
  2. Select the Admin Icon for Office 365
  3. Select Admin Centers in the Menu
  4. Select Dynamics 365
  5. Select the Org you wish to review
  6. Select “Updates”, and then your current version will appear on the right in a light-gray shaded box

Is NOW the right time for my org to upgrade?

There’s no one answer to this question. The best way to know is to move forward with an Upgrade Diagnostic. This way, you will know what time is best for your organization to upgrade while identifying potential complications and preventing your system from breaking.

However, across the board, it is always beneficial to follow the technology and stay on track with upgrades.

By upgrading, you are able to take advantage of the full capabilities, increase user adoption and client retention, and much, much more.

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