Ledgeview Partners Support Contact Information:

Phone: 920.560.6888
Email: crmsuppport@ledgeviewpartners.com

iPad App


After a user is setup in CRM as a Mobile User, follow these steps on their iPad to setup the app or to update the app.


  1. On your iPad open Safari and go to https://support.ledgeviewpartners.com/app and click Install.  You’ll do the same thing when a new release to the iPad app is announced.

  2. On main screen: Click on the Settings Button for your iPad > Click on General > Click on Profiles & Device Management (this will be towards the bottom of the list) > Click on the Ledgeview Partners > Click Trust >  Click Trust (Again)

  3.  Open the “CRM for Oil & Gas” app that should now appear on your iPad.The first time you go into the app you’ll have to enter:
    — The Url of your CRM (i.e. ledgeview.crm.dynamics.com)
    — Your User Name (email address)
    — Your Password
    — The Domain should be left blank.
    — Then click “Connect and Sync”.

  4. If you entered the information correctly, you’ll get the “Sync Progress” screen.  The app will be downloading your CRM data to the iPad at this time.  Wait for the sync to complete.  Depending on how much data you’re bringing over, the initial sync could take 5—60 minutes.  When the Sync is complete, Click OK, and click the X to exist the Sync.
    You are now ready to use the app.

 iPad App2


Look for more support FAQ in the future. Until then, if you have a support question, please contact the Ledgeview Partners’ Support Team at 920.560.6888 or via email at crmsupport@ledgeviewpartners.com