We know just the idea of implementing CRM into your business can seem daunting.  So, instead of jumping head first into CRM, we encourage you to share your business goals with us. Together we develop a CRM roadmap that supports your ambitions without overwhelming your organization.

Our Roadmap

Ledgeview Provides a CRM RoadmapWe start by discussing your business goals and then analyzing your key customer-facing business functions. We essentially do a gap analysis: where are you today, where do you want to be (goals) and what needs to be put in place to close the gap?

Then we create a roadmap on how to roll out your CRM, including identifying any other key business functions that need to be revamped or amplified.

For example, we could put CRM in place to support customer service, but if your customer service processes are disconnected in the first place, that won’t help. Our roadmap will outline these types of gaps that the business needs to work on.

In many cases, we act as business process improvement facilitators and will help you create a better business process first!

Our decision to partner with Ledgeview was the most important factor in the success of our project. Their team’s flexibility to guide us through the scoping process and accommodate our transforming business requirements speaks volumes of their product knowledge and commitment to client success.

Patrick Kinsella, Vice President, Technology and Transformation, Onepath Systems

Talking Customers Off the Ledge

We invest in long term relationships with our customers by doing the right thing for them.  Many of our customers want to do everything available in CRM right away. It is easy to get excited about the power of CRM but we know that they will likely fail if they do this, so we encourage small projects instead to ensure successful user adoption.