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Since the beginning of Ledgeview Partners, we have proudly stood by our five core principles that solidify our charitable culture:

  1. Respect others and you’ll earn their respect and trust.
  2. Use your gifts to help others succeed.
  3. Be contagiously positive.
  4. Be genuine no matter what.
  5. Take joy in the work you do every day.

Giving back to our communities is a reflection of all five of our principles, the talented and caring team we employ, and our customers with whom we form personal and lasting relationships. At Ledgeview, we care about giving back as much as we do about providing unique and effective solutions in the technological space to our vast array of clients.

At Ledgeview Partners, it’s always about putting people first, and that starts with care and community.

Ledgeview Partners Pledge 1% Charity Work


Every time a new team member is onboarded at Ledgeview Partners, the company sponsors a child in need through Compassion International and the new employee is introduced to their pen pal. This programming has been a pillar of Ledgeview’s business model for many years. Compassion International is a nonprofit organization that provides resources and opportunities to children in third-world countries with the education, food, mentorship, and medical care they need to survive.


Every year, Ledgeview Partners team members participate in Bowling for Charity, an event that aims to raise money for local, national, and global organizations of the employees’ choices. These charities are often present in the employees’ lives in some form, and we see this come to fruition again and again as the tradition continues. In 2018 alone, our team raised $3,600 for 10 charities. Since the tradition began, Ledgeview has raised over $20,00 for a number of charities.

“At Ledgeview, we focus on giving back as one of our core values. It is essential to how we run our business and create our culture. Community involvement is our commitment and passion, and we are thrilled to continue this annual tradition, and realize these dynamic outcomes.”

Lisa Benson, Co-founder and CEO, Ledgeview Partners

“We are proud to align with Salesforce’s Pledge 1% philanthropic model. Our giveback initiatives have helped guide our team with a spirit of charity and being a part of something bigger than a workplace or company — compassion is who we are.”

Doug Fissell, Co-founder and President, Ledgeview Partners


Since 2015, Ledgeview Partners has supported Outagamie County’s Back to School Drive, which supports children in need in the area with the confidence they need to return to school with a smile knowing they have a backpack full of supplies to keep them going throughout the year. Since 1990, Outagamie County has provided needy students in grades K-12 with a backpack and basic supplies for back to school. In 2018 alone, Outagamie County reported that 1,029 children were given a backpack full of supplies. Ledgeview aims to help Outagamie County exceed their goals to contribute to more positive educational experiences for our kids.


Since 2015, Ledgeview Partners has participated in the Thanksgiving Food Basket Program in coordination with the Outagamie County Department of Human Services Youth and Family Services Division to support families in the community that may not otherwise be able to have a Thanksgiving meal. As of 2018, the generosity of the Ledgeview team has helped to ensure that 15 families (63 people) in our local communities had a warm, delicious, and full Thanksgiving meal to enjoy on the holiday. Ledgeview Partners has increased their contributions steadily since the beginning of this program, adding 2-3 families each year since the program’s inception.

“At the beginning of Ledgeview Partners, one of our goals was to make a difference in our communities, not just locally, but globally. As an organization, we believe in giving back; it is one of the pillars of Ledgeview Partners’ business philosophy.”

Doug Fissell, Co-founder and President, Ledgeview Partners

“At Ledgeview Partners, we truly believe in our motto of ‘transforming business, one relationship at a time.’ Though we may not have the direct resources to end poverty ourselves, we can contribute to organizations that do, between the Pledge 1% program and Compassion International.”

Lucie Schulze, General Manager, Ledgeview Partners


Ledgeview Partners has supported homeless people in our local communities with efforts like Hygiene for Homeless in the business’ history. This effort has contributed to providing the homeless with basic products to maintain their wellness and self-care, from shampoo to conditioner to soap to nail clippers and more. This simple effort goes a long way in our communities to help spread care and increase comfort for all walks of life.


To help support pets in our communities and keep them warm and feeling loved as they wait to become adopted, Ledgeview Partners employees have contributed to efforts like Blankets for Pets. In 2019, Ledgeview Partners supported Sandi Paws Rescue Shelter to help ensure that the dogs at the shelter were cared for, by donating clean used comforters and blankets. This giveback effort is a reflection of the breadth of care and extension of giveback efforts we continue to vary throughout the years based on our employees’ passions and ideas.

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  • Thanksgiving
  • Bowling for Charity

Ledgeview Commits to Pledge 1%, Donates 5% of Net Income to Charity

Ledgeview Partners is proud to support and align with Salesforce’s Pledge 1% philanthropic model. By donating 5% of our net income to charity, we meet the charitable leadership criterion that Salesforce has set out to encourage businesses to make their communities a priority.

Ledgeview proudly sponsors Compassion International. Learn more about Pledge 1% here.

Learn more about how Ledgeview helps nonprofit organizations help their communities through CRM here.

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