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Is Salesforce the best fit for you?

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is known as the world’s #1 CRM platform. Salesforce helps you bring your team and customers together in one central platform that operates at the core of your business. Ledgeview Partners has been a Salesforce Partner since 2013. Our team of experts can help you take advantage of a number of amazing capabilities Salesforce offers. Salesforce helps you:

  • Deliver amazing customer experiences
  • Improve productivity and time management
  • Accelerate selling time and automate time-consuming tasks
  • Access trustworthy reports and dashboards, enabling data transparency
  • Improve and tailor messaging with personalized marketing capabilities
  • And so much more

Watch a Demo Now

Click on the video (left) to watch a pre-recorded demo that explores the benefits and functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud. In order to determine if Salesforce is the best fit for your organization, a CRM analysis, and personalized demo are crucial to determining if the technology meets your unique business needs and goals. Ledgeview Partners can help you make this decision! 

Our experts are ready to show you how the system will uniquely benefit your organization. Contact us to request a personal demo and see if Salesforce is the best fit for you.


How Do I Know if Salesforce is Right for Me?

You shouldn’t decide on Salesforce from a simple Google search. Taking on the solution yourself or making the decision without careful analysis can result in a failed implementation and poor user adoption over time. In order to select the best CRM solution for your organization, you should conduct a thorough analysis with your CRM partner. Start with your business process, and then the technology. Your process should be reflected in your technology. A partner can help you decide what meets your unique needs based on this careful analysis.

Our salespeople care about establishing human connections, having face-to-face conversations, whether through a video chat tool or in-person. We are real people who care about the success of your business. People are our priority. An excellent Salesforce implementation begins step-by-step. Take the first one with us today – let’s talk 1-on-1.


Address Everyday Challenges with Different Clouds

Salesforce is tailored to meet the unique demands of your industry and business. In today’s marketplace, a niche solution benefits companies like yours in a number of incredible ways.

How organizations use Salesforce varies since each one has unique people, processes, problems, and goals. By diving into these solutions, you will begin to understand how they can apply to your operations. Ledgeview Partners can help walk you through these clouds to determine what solution will benefit your organization the most when you request a personal demo.

Sales Cloud

  • Personalize your sales process
  • Increase your opportunity win rates by 29%
  • Accurately forecast your business so you can accurately plan
  • Boost productivity
  • Drive steady growth
  • Streamline your business process
  • Shorten your sales cycle
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Service Cloud

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction by 32%
  • Provide world-class service to your customers
  • House all of your customer data and cases in one single application
  • Eliminate digging through disjointed systems to resolve cases
  • Bring the power of Live Messaging, email-to-case, and live agent to your customers from one console application
  • Deliver support through your customer’s preferred channel
  • Improve overall customer satisfaction to create a more reputable business
  • Increase sales opportunities
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Marketing Cloud

  • Create a customized and targeted buyer journey
  • Understand your consumer base
  • Correctly engage your consumer base during all points of the buyer journey
  • Create targeted CTAs (calls-to-action)
  • Power your efforts with analytics
  • Deliver cross-channel and cross-functional marketing campaigns to fuel your opportunity pipeline
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  • Take the manual drag out of your marketing efforts
  • Create and send dynamic messages
  • Target customers based on their specific attributes
  • Utilize the full capabilities of Salesforce’s built-in Email Studio
  • Send targeted and customized messages
  • Get a more detailed view of your prospects and their activity
  • Market better to grow your sales pipeline more effectively
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Community Cloud

  • Engage with your customers, partners, and re-sellers 24/7
  • Create an online-based community specific to your business
  • Brand your community with your organization’s identity
  • Enable FAQs for easy self-service
  • Set up moderation rules so you can rest easy while your customers and partners are engaging with each other
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Discover if Salesforce is the Best Fit for You

Comprehensive Service Offerings
Designed to Boost Your Business

Sales Consulting

  • Define your sales process
  • Enable collaborations between inside sales and outside sales
  • Forecast revenue and the probability of closure
  • Address and resolve common account challenges
  • Assign accounts and territories strategically
  • Establish sales goals and quota
  • Enable collaborations across departments
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Marketing Consulting

  • Analyze marketing automation solutions to find the best fit for your unique needs
  • Create an actionable roadmap for your marketing automation technology
  • Align sales and marketing
  • Integrating your marketing technology with CRM
  • Develop key buyer personas and customer segmentation profiles
  • Grow your brand presence on social media
  • Develop a marketing strategy that supports the sales team
  • Track marketing successes and failures
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Customer Service Consulting

  • Develop a standardized process for each customer interaction
  • Establish a customer feedback program to identify pain points and improve
  • Create ongoing coaching and training programs for your reps
  • Establish goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Integrate key technology to streamline customer service processes and improve customer experiences
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CRM Consulting

  • Find the best CRM solution to fit your unique needs
  • Consolidate multiple or disconnected systems into one central hub
  • Align departments and improve communication
  • Gain high and continuous CRM user adoption
  • Stop wasting valuable company time and improve productivity
  • Clean up and organize data to enable transparencies
  • Improve data integrity
  • Visualize data with reports and dashboards
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Inside Sales Outsourcing

  • Follow-up with sales-ready marketing leads in a timely manner
  • Assign house accounts to the right salespeople
  • Stop missing out on opportunities due to slow response times
  • Expand up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Establish roles and responsibilities between inside sales and customer service to improve your organization’s efficiencies
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Marketing Outsourcing

  • Improve and develop your marketing strategy
  • Content Asset Development
  • Email/Nurture Marketing
  • Social Media Management: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Website & SEO Management: WordPress, Custom Domains, SquareSpace, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Promotion Development
  • Lead Generation & Capturing
  • Customer Survey Management
  • Paid Advertising Management: Google Ads, Social Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), etc.
  • Monthly Analytics & Reporting
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CRM Support

  • Ad-Hoc or Comprehensive Support Options
  • Available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce Customers
  • Available During Your Regular Business Hours to Support You and Help You Work Through Obstacles
  • Realize Opportunities, See Success, and Make the Most of Your System
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Take the Next Step

To find out what’s possible for your unique business operations and goals, contact us. Our experts are ready to provide a personalized demo to you and your team to show you how your organization can benefit from this technology.


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