Driving Sales with Targeted Lead Nurturing Strategies

According to an Act-On research study, “61% of B2B Marketers are sending all leads directly to sales and only 27% of those are actually qualified or ready to talk to sales.”

Do you see the major issues associated with this? How likely is it, that after time, your sales team will begin ignoring those leads because the majority are not producing sales for them?

This on-demand webinar from Ledgeview Partners will focus on the development of targeted lead nurturing strategies, leveraging the use of Marketing Automation & CRM, to move leads from “Marketing Qualified” to “Sales Qualified” at various points in the sales funnel.

Learning Objectives: 
• How to use lead nurturing to engage with prospects early in the sales cycle.
• Using lead nurturing to continue to engage with sales and non-sales ready leads.
• Leveraging lead nurturing to reengage with your current customer base.