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Keep your customers happy

As a customer of Ledgeview Partners, one of our goals is to help you keep your customers happy too. Our customer’s success is our success. If your customers aren’t happy, then you’re not happy, and neither are we. How do you establish a customer retention program and earn customers for life? How do you cultivate customer growth over time? How do you ensure every interaction with each of your customers is productive and positive?

These are just a few of the questions that our specialists have the answer to. Let us help you apply the answers to your processes to grow your customer base and keep them engaged throughout their lifetimes.

Improve Your Customer Service Team and Strategy

Whether your business is brand new or hundreds of years old, cultivating a high-performing customer service team and effective customer service strategy should be top of mind for every organization.

Our team is ready to help you define what that means for your organization, and answer questions like:

  • Do you have a standardized process for each customer interaction?
  • Have you established a customer feedback program to improve your interactions and processes?
  • Do you provide ongoing training to customer service reps?
  • Does your technology complement and support your customer service strategy?
  • Have you established goals or key performance indicators (KPIs) for service?
  • What is your current customer service level rating?

Achieve Customer Service Excellence

The specialists at Ledgeview Partners can help you:

  • Implement a customer service coaching program
  • Establish an ongoing customer service training program
  • Measure your results with leading CRM technology like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Establish goals, metrics, and KPIs 
  • Create a customer feedback program utilizing key technology
  • Empower and motivate your customer service team
  • Empathize in your daily customer interactions
  • Create a consistent and repeatable customer service process
  • Hire experienced customer service reps (CSR)
  • And more

Expand Your Knowledgebase

When it comes to creating high-performing customer service reps, expanding your teams’ knowledge bases is crucial. Equip them with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Ledgeview Partners offers more than 50 eBooks on topics like sales, marketing, customer service, CRM, user adoption, and more. Always available for complimentary download to your organization.

Stay in Front of Your Customers

Customer service is a comprehensive operation that extends far beyond traditional service models. In today’s marketplace, customer service reps should be trained in account management. Reps need to stay on top of your customers with new services and solutions to deepen relationships and continue to build loyalty over time.

Customer service reps need 360-degree views of the customer, including what they ordered and when. CRM technology like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps reps do just this, but it’s not just about technology either – it’s about working together with sales to stay ahead of the competition and have proactive communications with your customers.

Customer service reps can help salespeople identify any case issues or payment concerns, be proactive about keeping up with them on the latest versions of the products they’re using or introducing a new product line that complements what they already have, and more.


Is CRM in your plans?

Leading CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce help all business types and roles produce more effective outcomes with a quicker turnaround. The capabilities are (almost) endless and in today’s digital world, CRM is essential to the success of organizations worldwide.

We are committed to the success of your business. Ledgeview Partners is here to assist you no matter if you’re evaluating Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce or you already have the technology. Click on one of the buttons below to start your journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Salesforce and Ledgeview Partners. 

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