Whether your business focus is as a construction contractor, management and services or products for the industry, Ledgeview Partners has extensive knowledge within the construction industry to help you achieve your sales, marketing, service, and project and resource management goals.

Featured Success Story

Featured Success Story: Bernards Brothers Inc
CRM Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview Partners, Bernards are reaching new heights by targeting building opportunities and proposals to zero-in their business practices.

Jeff  Bowen,  Director  of  Technology  and  Information  Services,  knew  they  wanted  a  more  current  CRM-based system. “I knew that Microsoft Dynamics CRM aligned with our business plan and model. That was the push to go to that solution. Once we identified the software, it basically came down to finding a partner/developer,” says Bowen.

Bernards to a long-time, trusted vendor, CDW, for recommendations on a CRM developer. When CDW endorsed Ledgeview Partners, Bowen’s decision was made.

LVP Case Study Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM

As we continue to work with Ledgeview, it helps us realize the capabilities within CRM that will be tracking opportunities and project data become more effective than what we were doing.

Jeff Bowen, Director of IT, Bernards Brothers Inc.

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