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Inside Sales for Oil & Gas


Exclusive to lubricant marketers in the Oil & Gas Industry, we provide inside sales and customer care as a value-added service. You don’t necessarily have to use Ledgeview’s CRM product to benefit from it, but it certainly helps. Not sure where to begin, or if creating an inside sales program at your company will be effective? No problem!



Tight on office space? Inexperienced with effectively overseeing an inside sales program? A popular option is to let a dedicated member of our inside sales customer care team serve as a direct extension of your company.

With your inside sales force operating remotely out of our Ledgeview customer care center, you will benefit from our expertise and lower overhead costs while maximizing your reach and increasing your market share.

Our experienced team replicates the duties of a field sales force by applying an inside sales approach.

I don’t like to waste time and resources providing training for things people don’t need. This was a great way to find out exactly where we needed to invest time in training.

LISA KIMBROUGH, Vice President of Sales Operations and Marketing, Parman Energy

Parman Energy, a leading supplier of Chevron lubricants and petroleum products, engages Ledgeview Partners to perform a comprehensive and detailed review of its customer service and inside sales interactions with customers in order to increase Parman’s ability to provide exceptional service and support.

Parman Energy first opened its doors back in the mid-1930’s. The company’s grown steadily since that time, and Parman Energy attributes that growth, in no small part, to their focus on providing exceptional service to their customers. In fact, if you look at the company’s four core values, you’ll find “service” in that list. It’s that important to them.

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