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Manufacturing and Distribution can be very complex industries, but your path with Customer Relationship Management doesn’t have to be. Simply put, it’s about making the job you do, and your path to success easier.



Wondering what is possible when you combine Ledgeview’s industry leading knowledge and a CRM solution like Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce?

Customer Relationship Management or “CRM” has thousands of features around Sales, Marketing and Customer Service that is guiding manufacturing companies to amazing results.

But what exactly is CRM? Why might you need it? How do you select one? And how do you actually get your people to use (and love) it?

Our whole structure on the admin side is now much cleaner and easier to follow. And I appreciate that even if no one else does.

BRETT JOHNSON, Cummins-Wagner’s Systems Administrator

Cummins-Wagner Gets a Clean Slate With Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview Partners. Cummins-Wagner Implements a Complete Security Overhaul with Dynamics CRM and Ledgeview.

Cummins-Wagner opened its doors back in 1960. The company, started by Charlie Cummins and Chub Wagner, began its life as a one-product, two-man operation based in a single small room. Humble beginnings, to be sure.

The company’s focus on delivering great customer service got the attention of major equipment manufacturers, and before long, Cummins Wagner was adding their products to its offering, spurring continued growth.

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