Did you realize that inside sales is growing 300% faster than outside sales? Of course you did. That is why you are here! But developing, managing, and growing your own inside sales program may not be the most effective use of your resources. Ledgeview Partners has the resources, the expertise, and a structured, proven inside sales outsourcing program that can drive sales results.

Inside Sales Outsourcing
What Sales Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

Building and maintaining an inside sales program is not as simple as adding a new sales person to your team that now “stays inside”.  You need the right type of sales person for this role, proper training, continual coaching, and of course a plan to ensure success. Many of these are often missed and lead to inside sales ineffectiveness and the label of “it doesn’t work for us”.

Think about your current sales structure and resources.

  • Are sales ready marketing leads not followed up in a timely manner – or at all?
  • Do you have house accounts that are not assigned to a sales person?
  • Continually miss out on opportunities due to slow response times?
  • Have limited upsell and cross-sell opportunities?
  • Are mixed duties between inside sales and customer service creating inefficiencies?

Lead Generation

Lead Generation - Ledgeview PartnersLead Generation

Your marketing team is busy generating awareness of your company and your products and services. Does your sales team have the bandwidth to follow up and quality these hard earned marketing leads? How about responding to social, chat, or immediate requests for information? Don’t let these opportunities slip past you.

  • Qualify Marketing Leads
  • New Account Activation
  • Appointment Setting
  • Lead Development
  • Chat

Account Management

Campaign Management - Ledgeview PartnersAccount Management

We all know the formula. 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. Your sales team hunters are going to spend their time focused on the biggest deals with the hottest prospects. How are you taking care of the rest of your customers that are receiving consistent engagement with sales? These smaller, often overlooked, “house” accounts can result in a tremendous amount of business opportunities when properly maintained. Do you want to leave that money on the table, or worse, to the picking of your competition?

  • Manage Existing Accounts
  • Account Pairing
  • Increase Distribution
  • New Business Development
  • Upsell/Cross-Sell
  • New Account Set-Up
  • Chat

When we visited the concept of Inside Sales we were quite apprehensive due to the fact that we had tried this ourselves in the past and failed, and on more than one occasion. Then came Ledgeview with a fresh look at the concept so we turned it over to you and what a success it’s been!

Mark Leara, Principal & Sales Manager, Alexis Oil Company & Global Industrial Solutions

Campaign Management

Campaign Management - Ledgeview PartnersCampaign Management

You spend a lot of time, research, and resources on the development of new products and services. It is critical to get your messaging to your customers, prospects, and new leads to grow exposure. Is your current sales and marketing teams up to task? It’s hard to dedicate full time resources for seasonal needs, new product launches, and those times when you need to make sure you connect one-to-one with each customer. Inside Sales is the solution.

  • New Product Introduction
  • Support Marketing Initiatives
  • Recall Campaigns
  • Supplier/Distributor Conversations
  • Chat