If you hold a position in the world of Marketing or Sales, you have most likely have heard the terms Marketing Automation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).  You may be using or have used one or both of these technologies.

If you have not, you may be asking yourself, what are these technologies?  Who uses them?  Do I need one or both for my business?  What are the benefits of Marketing Automation and CRM?


Webinar: Marketing Automation vs CRM: What’s the Difference?

In this 30 minute webinar from Ledgeview Partners, we examined the core competencies of Marketing Automation (i.e. ClickDimensions, Act-On, Marketo) s CRM (i.e. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM) focusing on the strengths of each, defining their differences and discussing how these business tools work together to help marketers achieve their business goals.

After the webinar, contact us to learn more about Ledgeview Partners’ Marketing Analysis and Strategies Services so we can learn more about your organization, sales and marketing strategies.