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Ledgeview | Business & Technology Consulting Services
Ledgeview | Business & Technology Consulting Services

Book Your 1:1 Marketing in a Day Sessions Today

Starting in February 2021, Ledgeview Partners is dedicating up to 8 hours of FREE consulting time to walk you through what’s possible with marketing automation technology for your organization. Our experts will work with you in a 1:1 environment through a series of 2-4 highly-engaging virtual sessions, tailored to your unique business needs. The number of sessions will be determined based on availability and your organization’s eligibility. We will be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to show you what’s possible, but the strategies and processes shown will apply across leading marketing automation tools.

Throughout the sessions, we will use real-life scenarios that relate to your business needs, goals, and customer base, to show you how marketing automation can help you make a big impact.

In these sessions, our experts will:

  • Learn about your marketing strategy and show you how it can be reflected in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Show you how customer and prospect segments function in marketing automation systems
  • Discuss your current marketing strategy and how it can be improved utilizing updated technologies
  • Show you how the customer journey works by exploring various marketing touchpoints
  • And more

This is an amazing value, but the offer won’t last long. Contact us today to secure your spot!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing in a Day
Explore What’s Possible with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

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