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Ledgeview's Marketing Outsourcing Program

Marketing Outsourcing


When you’re looking for a comprehensive outsourced marketing management program, the experts at Ledgeview can help you solve common ongoing challenges by providing lead generation and customer engagement strategies that help increase your revenue.



Ledgeview’s experts focus on developing your overall marketing strategy and program plan by conducting a thorough marketing analysis. This analysis will fuel the development of your tactical marketing plan that your Dedicated Client Marketing Coordinator will use to execute on program objectives.

By providing ongoing client communications and reports based on predefined sets of objectives that address your unique goals and challenges, our team will help give you the results you’re looking for out of a Marketing Coordinator, taking the guesswork out of the hiring and role development processes for you!

Marketing Outsourcing

What Marketing Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

What marketing challenges can our Marketing Outsourcing Program help you solve? It doesn’t matter if you’re not a marketing expert. Maybe you have a marketing strategy in place, but are focusing on key initiatives and don’t have time to execute your plan …

When you need someone to help you refine, enhance, or create strategic processes, we can help with a variety of goals and challenges you may have.


omprehensive Services:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Content Asset Development
  • Email/Nurture Marketing
  • Social Media Management
    • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Website & SEO Management
    • WordPress, Custom Domains, SquareSpace, Google Ads, etc.
  • Promotion Development
  • Lead Generation & Capturing
  • Customer Survey Management
  • Paid Advertising Management
    • Google Ads, Social Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), etc.
  • Monthly Analytics & Reporting

Within this framework, we develop a thorough and detailed program plan that meets your unique branding goals.

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Why Outsourcing Works

There are many benefits to outsourcing your services. When it comes down to it, here are some of the most common advantages companies discover …

  • Increase throughput and capacity in their marketing organization
  • Cover resource or personnel gaps
  • Free up existing resources to focus on more strategic efforts
  • Ensure licensed marketing automation technology is being fully utilized to achieve maximum ROI
  • Extend full-service values received during onboarding
  • Supplement marketing teams’ skill sets

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