In a recent Oil and Gas Marketers Advisory Board meeting the #1 topic discussion and need from your industry peers was centered on ‘Marketing’. In addition to providing a CRM solution for the Oil and Gas Industry, Ledgeview Partners also offers specialized Marketing Services.

In this on-demand webinar as we highlight the Marketing Services that are offered by Ledgeview Partners, and lead marketing consultant Jodie Gilroy will walk you through a sample marketing analysis that we provide companies in your industry.

The first 15 minutes of the webinar will be an overview of Ledgeview Services and the deliverables we provide (reviewing a detailed sample marketing analysis) and then the last portion will be marketing Q&A based on both pre-submitted and live questions as time permits.

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A marketing strategy aligned with your sales efforts will increase the effectiveness of your customer interactions.  If you are interested in learning more or engaging Ledgeview Partners for a marketing analysis engagement, you can call or email me and we can arrange a follow up.

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