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The On-Demand Sales & Marketing Webinar Series Includes…

• Marketing Automation vs CRM: What’s the Difference?

In this 30 minute on-demand webinar , we will examine the core competencies of Marketing Automation vs CRM focusing on the strengths of each, defining their differences and discussing how these business tools work together to help marketers achieve their business goals.

• Harnessing The Power of Your Marketing Automation System

In this 30 minute session we will focus on the various tool sets of a Marketing Automation system. We will review strategies and techniques for leveraging that tool set to drive sales and the use of campaigns to track marketing activity effectiveness.

• 1:1 Marketing Through The Use of Marketing Automation & CRM

Building on our previous webinar ” Harnessing the Power of your Marketing Automation System” we take that one step further and showcase the benefits of using data to personalize marketing activities based on buying patterns and specific customer activities.

• Using Technology To Align Your Sales & Marketing Teams

This 30 minute webinar will dive deeper into the use of both CRM and Marketing Automation technologies and how creating a connected system will allow for a more effective alignment between the marketing and sales teams.

• How To Empower Your Sales Team with Customer Analytics

Our monthly marketing webinar series continues with this 30 minute scenario-based webinar that will demonstrate how exposing marketing activity information to the Sales Team can help them be more informed about their customers’ needs before making that first sales connection. In return, pushing sales result data back will empower your marketing team and efforts.

• 6 Tips for Increasing and Managing Leads

In this webinar, we focused on six strategies for creating a lead management program that provides tactics for increasing your lead bucket, qualifying leads as sales-ready, managing leads within your sales organization and creating alignment with sales and marketing. 

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