We do what we say. Issues are rare. And customers feel confident using their CRM. That’s just for starters.

We’re Savvy and Personable

Yes, we’re techies, but we’re people, too. We have families, play with our kids, and laugh at corny jokes. We believe that people do business with people they like and trust, and we make sure we develop a strong relationship with our clients and work hard for them.

We Meet Budget, Milestones and Deadlines

Projects have budgets, milestones and deadlines. Since we treat everything like a project, we stay on task, within budget, and on time. Compare that to other consulting firms that charge for every minute and material and don’t manage or control the budget.

The way Ledgeview Partners take care of their customers is phenomenal.

Diana Jackson, Principal and CFO, Alexis Oil Company

The “Southwest Airlines” of CRM Consultants

We like simplicity. Who has time for complications? Clients love our direct process, hands-on support, and clear documentation. That’s why we have been called the “Southwest Airlines” of CRM. After all, like them we are dedicated to providing warm, friendly and personal customer service.


Experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce

We implement the best CRMs available, depending on what’s right for our client. Our expertise and solutions are centered on the Salesforce.com and Microsoft Dynamics CRM platforms. We are a Silver Cloud Alliance Partner of Salesforce.com and one of Microsoft’s top CRM partners worldwide. We have earned our place in their Inner Circle and President’s Club, an honor less than 2% of their partners reach.