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You can have the best technology in the world, but if your sales processes are broken, out of alignment, or ineffective, the results and return on investment you are expecting will not be achieved. With Ledgeview Partners’ Sales Consulting Services, our business consultant’s combine business intellect with strong technological aptitude to provide solutions that extend well beyond software implementations.



With Ledgeview Partners’ Sales Consulting Services, our business consultants combine business intellect with a strong technological aptitude to provide solutions that extend well beyond software implementations.

Sales Consulting Services

What Sales Challenges Can We Help You Solve?

Business is fast-paced, and getting faster each day. In many organizations, wearing multiple hats is not the exception, but the norm. So, it is only natural to experience a variety of challenges that you may not have the resources to tackle.


bout your Sales Team:

  • Do you have a defined sales process that your teams follow?
  • How does your sales team collaborate on sales opportunities?
  • Can you currently forecast revenue and probability of closure?
  • Is it a challenge to reach all your accounts on a consistent basis?
  • Are accounts and territories assigned strategically?
  • Does your sales team have goals or quotas? How are you tracking your gap to goal?
  • How does your sales team collaborate with other departments like Marketing, Customer Service, or Operations?
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Sales Process and Operations

What good is a process if it is broken, misaligned, or not followed by your sales team?

Ledgeview’s expertise in the analysis, development, and implementation of sales processes will drive synergy within your company, increase your user adoption of technology investments, and drive growth.

Let us help you with:

  • Lead and Business Development Program Design and Implementation
  • End-to-End Sales Process Definition & Implementation
  • Account Planning and Territory Alignment
  • Customer Retention Program

Sales Performance

Is your sales team able to accurately forecast and effectively manage their pipeline – and provide visibility to management? Are you able to easily measure and report on the performance of sales? Does your current sales or territory structure make sense?

Let us help you with:

  • Sales Team Structure, Acquisition, and Capability Development
  • Sales Compensation and Bonus Structure Development
  • Sales Performance Measurement, Compliance, and Reporting
  • Sales Forecasting and Pipeline Management
  • Data Management and Sales Technology Planning

Sales Coaching & Training

You’ve hired the best people to help you create new opportunities and take care of their customers, but sales people need continual coaching and training – yes, even the best of the best.

Let us help you with:

  • Individual and Sales Team Performance Assessments
  • Individual and Sales Team Training
  • One-to-One Customized Coaching and Mentoring Programs

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