On a recommendation from CDW, nTelos Wireless calls upon Ledgeview Partners to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to centralize and manage 65 Mid-Atlantic retail locations. In just 90 days after going live with Ledgeview Partners and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the cell phone retailer received an amazingly quick time to value, and was already seeing a major return on their investment.

The Situation

Cell phone consumers can be fickle, chasing better deals and newer technology. If they don’t understand the features of their phone or their bill, they are at higher risk of abandoning nTelos Wireless and switching to a competitor. nTelos has 65 retail stores and a direct inside sales team that sells cell phones and contract plans in the Mid-Atlantic region. Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, when a customer purchased a new plan or a new phone, nTelos did follow up calls, but execution was spotty. The calls were difficult to standardize – and results were impossible to measure using Excel spreadsheets.

The Solution

nTelos’ first priority for their Dynamics CRM system was to create structure, accountability and proof of performance for their 1-5-30 program. The 1-5-30 program is a series of follow up calls that occur 1 day, 5 days and 30 days after a sale. These calls are scripted to increase sales and customer satisfaction from new customers. This CRM workflow is triggered from the POS system, and entirely designed within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Click Dimensions adds advanced marketing functionality. The system is very simple for the 430 users to access and use, and provides elegant reporting. The Day 1 call focuses on the customer experience with the sales rep and the phone itself. The day 5 call upsells accessories and asks for referrals. The day 30 call focuses on making sure the bill is understood. The call questions are all scripted right into CRM. If a referral lead is created, a referral workflow is automatically created. If a sale is made, the POS receipt can be put right into the customer record.

The Benefits

CRM is quickly becoming the main record keeping system for sales, marketing and customer service. By consolidating the information from the 65 retail locations and the direct sales teams, management now has the information they need to make the right business decisions.

  • In just the first 90 days after launch, nTelos saw 20 less returns, which translates into over $200,000 payback in 2 years. Additionally, they received 132 customer referrals in that same time period.
  • By proactively resolving customer problems, nTelos has been able to prevent at least 10,000 inbound customer support calls. Each problem that is diverted from customer care saves the company $4.00.
  • The 92% adoption rate is also phenomenal! nTelos Wireless is very pleased with the intuitive user interface, and feels that the design, with Ledgeview Partner’s advice and expertise, has directly led to this high level of adoption.


We saw real benefit within 90 days of going live on Microsoft Dynamics CRM - much faster than we expected!

Peter Friedenberg, IT Project Manager, nTelos Wireless

About nTelos Wireless

nTelos WirelessnTelos Wireless is headquartered in Waynesboro, VA, and provides high-speed, dependable nationwide voice and data coverage for over 430,000 retail subscribers based in Virginia, West Virginia and portions of Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. The Company’s licensed territories have a total population of approximately 8.1 million residents, of which itswireless network covers approximately 6.0 million residents. The Company is also the exclusive wholesale provider of wireless digital PCS services to Sprint Nextel in the Company’s western Virginia and West Virginia service area for all Sprint CDMA wireless customers.


Both management and employees are thrilled that this CRM system is so easy to use. Because most everything happens automatically through workflows, opportunities aren’t falling through the cracks. Employees feel confident that they know the next steps to take. Sales are up. Referrals are up. Customer satisfaction is up. Returns are down. Customer churn is down. Management can identify and reward top performers.


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