Our CRM specialists provide ongoing training, support, and customization. So go ahead, ask us 100 questions. We’ll answer them all.

Dedicated Support Team that ALWAYS Delivers:

Too often, support requests get lost on consultants who have moved on to their next project. Not with Ledgeview! Our support team focuses exclusively on supporting existing customers. Their priorities are your priorities.

The idea of supporting CRM on your own for the first time can seem daunting. Luckily, we are the experts so you don’t have to be!

We are here to support and help you work through obstacles to realize opportunities and see success, making the most of your CRM solution while addressing your unique needs.

It's like a security blanket, almost. If you have an issue, you know you can go to Ledgeview, and you'll get an answer.


Choose From Two Simple Options:

1. Ad-Hoc Support: This support is just a “pay as you need it” support model. You can call our Support desk for assistance for anything you need. It could be a simple question, making a quick change, providing training, troubleshooting any errors, and more.

2. Comprehensive Support: In this model, we support everything. You don’t have to have anyone on staff who knows the inner workings of your CRM. We take care of it all and are available any time you need us.

I definitely recommend working with Ledgeview ... I can't speak enough to the value they bring.