What is a Lead? What is the process for that lead to become an opportunity? If you were to poll 10, 100, or even 1,000 companies, you would hear a long list of varying definitions, and that’s okay. If you were to ask the Sales and Marketing teams within those same companies “how does a lead become an opportunity” would they have the same definitions? This is one cause of the misalignment between sales and marketing that can have a real impact on the number of opportunities created AND closed.

How do you know if this webinar is right for you?

  • Have your sales and marketing teams struggled with determining what defines a lead for your company?
  • Do you have a clear definition of a marketing qualified vs a sales qualified lead?
  • Do you have a process to turn a lead into an opportunity for your company?
  • Do you utilize analytics to manage, track, and evaluate your leads and opportunities?

Watch this On-Demand Webinar to learn actionable strategies to align your team’s definition of both leads and opportunities, understand how to qualify leads and develop methods for tracking lead and opportunity conversions so that you can understand why and how leads are converting into business for you.

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