How to Profit from Account-Based Marketing

WEBINAR: How to Profit from Account-Based Marketing

Every few years a “hot new thing” dominates marketing conversation – hitting the industry with a tsunami of media and a surge of hype. Lately the attention has been on account-based marketing (ABM), and although it may be hot, it’s far from new.

However, modern technology now makes Account-Based Marketing accessible, scalable, and repeatable – and is delivering some tremendous results.

Join us in this free on-demand webinar as Gal Josefsberg, VP of Product Management and Marketing with Act-On Software sheds some light on ABM.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • 6 steps to kick start your first ABM program
  • 5 principles to make your ABM program focused, practical, and profitable
  • How to avoid account-based marketing pitfalls

97% of marketers that try ABM report higher ROI with ABM that with any other marketing tactic.

Source: Engagio