Whether you’re in sales, marketing or customer service, CRM will help you manage your pipeline, spread your company’s message, and keep customers happy.


When you’re calling leads and selling your product, you need to know everything about your potential customers. CRM gives you the inside view to connect with potential clients quicker and easier.

We make it simple and effective to manage your pipeline. Everything you need is in one spot.

  • More effective selling – identify, track and quote with robust opportunity and sales contact management.
  • Actionable analytics – visualize key performance indicators with real-time dashboards.
  • Streamlined goal management – define and track quotas at every level.
  • Detailed sales forecasting – keep your pulse on sales performance.
  • Centralized document management – create continuity in your sales documents.
  • Tight Microsoft Outlook® and Office® integration – enable user adoption by providing your sales team with CRM software that works with applications they know and trust.

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Before CRM, there were lost sales we didn’t even know about. For me, as a sales manager, it’s very exciting, and it makes my life much easier.

Josh Isbill, Vice President of Sales, Gaubert Oil


As a marketer, your role is to relay your company’s message. CRM can bring it all together in one spot to simplify your marketing strategy company-wide.

CRM centralizes your customer database and target customers.

  • Pinpoint Segmentation – segment prospects with laser-like accuracy and dynamically apply this criteria to existing and future prospects.
  • Improved Data Management – import lead lists quickly and cleanly, making them immediately available for marketing campaigns.
  • Campaign Life Cycle Management – analyze your campaign effectiveness by managing the campaign budget, tasks, activities and sales literature.
  • Intelligent Lead Management – track lead information separate from your customers, allowing conversion to happen when you are ready.
  • Permission Marketing – handle your customers’ opt-in/opt-out preferences for email marketing with ease.
  • Seamless Event Management – manage your event campaigns, including advertising, attendees, and post-event follow up.

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I open up CRM and I see so many possibilities!

Stephen Underwood, IT Support Specialist, Illinois Soybean Association

Customer Service

A customer called, and they have an issue. What product/service do they have? Who did they speak to last? Is this their first call or fifth? If you don’t have CRM, you have to rely on memory. But with CRM, you can centralize multiple information systems and increase efficiency.

Instead of hopping between multiple systems to answer customer’s questions, everything is in one place. CRM even tracks questions and you can look at analytics to know what products or processes are causing the most problems.

  • Streamlined Case Management – from case creation and tracking to resolution and escalation management.
  • Full Interaction History – all customer interactions are stored and recalled with one click.
  • Service Response – for top-notch customer care, provide consistent, automatic messages with triggered email responses, email templates, and one-click conversion of emails to new cases.
  • Service Scheduling – schedule customer service field appointments and the applicable resources with ease.
  • Web Self-Service – enable a customer portal where your users can submit new cases themselves and find the current status whenever they want.
  • Service Queue Management – establish a queue on any entity to enable first response capability and escalation within a work team group.
  • Simplified Training – easily and quickly train new employees with all important information centralized.