Transforming business, one relationship at a time

Ledgeview Partners helps businesses transform their approach to sales, marketing and customer service by aligning these teams to focus on improving their customer’s experience, and providing management with metrics through technology to evaluate success.

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We are industry experts

Since 2007, Ledgeview has performed 800+ projects for companies of all sizes in many industries including manufacturing, distribution, oil & gas, education, and many more. We understand your pain points, your lingo, your supply chains, and how to make CRM work for you. Our integrated CRM solutions will bring order and sanity to your busy life, putting you in charge of your information.

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We live and breathe CRM

Our business consultants are certified in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce. Since they implement CRM over and over, they help you navigate the pitfalls and make the process painless and simple. Ask our clients about our process. They love how our project managers help them accomplish things they never imagined.

Our clients are loyal because we:

  • Listen to what you want before we suggest anything.
  • Personally connect one-on-one with you.
  • Customize CRM to what you want.
  • Stay within budget and deliver on-time.
  • Provide consistent contact with status updates.
  • Quickly respond to questions with accurate answers.
  • Have fun. We like to laugh. Humor keeps us sharp and sane.
  • …and a whole lot more of really good stuff.


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We’re working on our next phase with Ledgeview Partners right now. If you’re ready to make the move to CRM, I can’t give you a better recommendation than to tell you the story of our experience. Ledgeview delivered what they said they would. It was flawless.”

Scott Dukart, Information Technology Director, Sundyne

CRM is for everyone

Information is life, but if it isn’t managed, it can paralyze or drown even the strongest companies. CRM helps prevent lost sales, lost customers, and can even organize and focus marketing campaigns. Lost opportunities cost more than dollars; they cost you your reputation and market share. Close sales, make your customers happy, and organize your company.

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“I’m amazed at the development of this technology. Our sales process hasn’t fundamentally changed, but CRM really makes it much more efficient and friendlier for everyone involved. It’s an incredibly powerful tool.”

Girts Rubenis, Business Development, Orion Energy Systems

We’re real and we care

Five percent of our net income goes to charity. Every year. Regardless of the economy. One of our walls is covered with pictures of the children our staff sponsors through Compassion International. And we assist our employees in sponsoring local causes including:

  • Harbor House Domestic Abuse Programs
  • Ashley Anderson Scholarship Fund
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Ronald McDonald House
  • The Boy Scouts of America’s Rockets for Schools